The project is a new lifestyle through its architecture and apartments that are expression of respect for human life… This is an understanding that focuses on your happiness, adds easiness into your life by its usefulness and brings together the luxury and aesthetic… The same quality of life will be waiting for you regardless of what you choose among the apartment options of 1 + 0, 1 + 1, 2 + 1 and 5 + 1….


Akros İstanbul


Beylikdüzü / Istanbul

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The project is located in the modern part of Istanbul in the European side which is one of the fastest growing area in the city thanks to the modern projects around the area. The area is generally well organized and Free of slums, most of the Buildings are full-service residential complexes, and it is considered as on of the most appropriate areas for the purchase of real estate in Istanbul for housing or investment, it contains full services of schools, universities and various service centers. One of the project advantages is that it’s situated directly on the most important highway E5 also known as the metro bus line, which is the most important mean of transport in Istanbul and the only public transportation available 24/24 hours for 7/7 days of the week, it contains 45 stations that starts from European to Asian Side.

Not for everyone, but for those who know the taste of life…

  • Istanbul International Airport – 56 km
  • Taksim Square – 38 km
  • Blue Mosque Sultan Ahmet – 36 km
  • Shoping mall Perlavista – 2 km
  • Metrobus – 100 m
  • Medicana International Istanbul – 1 km
  • Marina and Bakirkoy coast – 15 min