Avcilar is one of the most prestigious and popular places in Istanbul for those who are looking for a relaxed lifestyle. At 300 meters from the object is the Avcılar Waterfront Park, which literally stretches for miles with excellent hiking trails. The complex is just 5 minutes walk from the waterfront with many restaurants, shops, boutiques and the local market.




Zeytinburnu / Istanbul

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As project is located at the very center of Istanbul and at the intersection point of all new generation transportation options by land, sea or rail, traffic will no longer be a problem for residents and they will enjoy the most valuable treasure—time. With its marina and sea shuttle service* , the project offers the opportunity to reach every desired point in the fastest and most effortless way, without getting stuck in Istanbul traffic. The Eurasia Tunnel is just 3 kilometers away and it makes project an even more central and easy to access location. The project residents can take the Marmaray at Zeytinburnu stop, which is located at the back entrance of the project, and easily connect to the transportation network of the city. Furthermore, project is the only project that directly connects to Kennedy Street, which has became one of the most traffic free roads in Istanbul thanks to infrastructure projects. It is possible to access the parking area of the project directly from the coastal road. Neighboring Atatürk Airport and the New Airport, project has a very central location that can be reached through the TEM, E5, coastal road, or İDO piers in Bakırköy and Yenikapı. The project is located 8 kilometers from the Historical Peninsula and Topkapı Palace, and 12 kilometers from Taksim Square and Nişantaşı.

Complex infrastructure

The project brings a new dimension to the smart house concept, making a difference with state-of-the-art technology. All lighting and curtain/shutter controls as well as air-conditioning and floor-heating controls that are part of everyday comfort can be performed via touch-panel or remotely via smart telephone. Smart houses enrich our “good life” concept with many technological services, such as video intercom and viewing security camera recordings; making reservations at Turkish baths, spas and saunas; buying tickets for social events such as concerts, plays and movies; getting concierge services, road and weather forecasts as well as cold and hot water control and soda fountain.


Starting From

1.132.000 tl – 2.911.000 tl


  • Min. Sqm: 53.51
  • Max. Sqm: 133.28



Starting From

2.207.000 tl – 8.075.000 tl


  • Min. Sqm: 103.12
  • Max. Sqm: 223.34



Starting From

3.485.000 tl – 11.613.000 tl


  • Min. Sqm: 163.03
  • Max. Sqm: 344.68



Starting From

4.682.000 tl – 20.430.000 tl


  • Min. Sqm: 208.59
  • Max. Sqm: 552.08



Starting From

12.910.000 tl – 14.800.000 tl


  • Min. Sqm: 332.27
  • Max. Sqm: 333.66



Starting From

8.678.000 tl – 16.450.000 tl


  • Min. Sqm: 324.53
  • Max. Sqm: 544.73