In the pre-launch time, we offer a rent guarantee option. If you prefer this option, you will have 15 years rent guarantee and your renter will be Sheraton Hotel. The return period of the entire investment will be just 15 years. The buyer will have his/her rent income monthly and in dollars to his/her bank account.




Esenyurt / Istanbul

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Akbatı AVYM, which was awarded with the “Best Shopping Mall Development Project” prize, one of the most prestigious real estate prizes globally, thanks to its high quality brand concept, adds value to the whole area. Culture and Festival Park. The 5,000 capacity festival park will host many events including concerts and open-air-theatre to provide means of socialization. Koza Tennis Arena. In the Arena which hosts WTA and ATP tournaments, Istanbul Tennis Academy also serves tennis fans on 64 separate courts.

TED College With an experience of 90 years, TED College is an exemplary and pioneer institution educating the future leaders of the society who will contribute to the humanity, based on the “School of Learners ” philosophy. During the education life from starting from the kindergarten till graduating from the high school, the institution prepares a research-oriented generation conscious of its national and social responsibilities, open to the developments and changes of the modern day. New airport – 38,5 km Taksim square – 35 km Historical sites – 31 km Catalca industrial zone – 29 km Metro – 2 min LIV Hospital – 2 min Mall of Istanbul – 9 min Akbati mall – 1 min

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The advantage of rental guarantee is short return period which is just 15 years, in Turkish real estate market average return periods are minimum 25-30 years, with this guarantee client will be able to return his money back in just 15 years with a direct guarantee. The other advantage is having rent income in dollars. The client will not take the risk of Turkish Lira currency risk. It will be like investing in USA since client will invest in dollars and gain in dollars.