We believe that people who live in touch with nature are happier. Forestside Green was designed so you can enter nature by taking just one step out of your house,and renew yourself with your family every day. We have kept you a spot in Forestside Green if you want to embark on a life measured by wood meters. We have adorned Forestside Green Wood with flowers and trees in various colors, from weeping willows to hornbeams, spruce trees, olive trees, cypresses and oaks, fruit trees and pine trees, so they can present the beauties of each season every day.


Yeşil Yaka Koru


Büyükçekmece / Istanbul

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  • Bahçeşehir – 10 min
  • West Istanbul Marina – 20 min
  • Istanbul Airport – 30 min
  • Maslak, Levent – 45 min
  • İstanbul Airport – 40 min


  • Liv Hospital 10 min
  • Medicana International Hospital 15 min


  • Istanbul University Büyükçekmece Campus 2 min
  • Kültür College 2 min
  • Beykent University 2 min
  • Community School 5 min
  • ALKEV Private Schools 5 min
  • Private MEV College 6 min
  • Bahçeşehir College 8 min
  • Doga College 10 min
  • İstanbul International Community School 5 min


  • Akbatı Shopping Mall 10 min
  • Mall of İstanbul 15 min

About Yeşil Yaka Koru

One of the beauties of Forestside Green’s environment is the pond, which is just a few steps away.The pond covers an area of 1,500 m2, and just the sight of it will rid you of all the tiredness of the day.

Project Concept: Villas

Land’s Area: 320,000 m2

Delivery Date: Ready

Unit Count: 173

Unit Types: 5+1

Size Range: 369 – 379 sqm

Floor Count: 2


Starting From

10.878.000 tl – 14.196.000 tl

  • Gross Sqm Range: 369 m2 – 385 m2



Starting From

11.133.000 tl – 12.042.000 tl

  • Gross Sqm Range: 379 m2



Starting From

8.210.000 tl – 8.820.000 tl

  • Gross Sqm Range: 288 m2



Starting From

12.090.000 tl – 12.360.000tl

  • Gross Sqm Range: 368 m2